Let it snow!

It's SNOWING! Big fat flakes that have already covered the ground with a good inch of fluffy whiteness. I LOVE the snow and will be dragging the unwilling preteens out in it to build a snowman as soon as I can. The woods look glorious, like a somewhat OTT Christmas card, but so pretty. I'm hoping it snows for the rest of the day and all night so we get snowed in (it doesn't take much in blighty - a light sprinkling is enough for the whole road and rail infrastructure to grind to a halt) and then I can lie in bed in the morning instead of battling my way to the school bus at sparrow fart :)

OH NO! It's stopping! Right - thermals on. I'm off to do a snowdance for more.

Is it June yet?

We're going to Corsica! WHEEEEE!!!!! I've booked it an we're GOING!!!! I may be a bit over-excited.

I have a particular love, verging on a passion, for Corsica. Why Corsica in particular? No idea. It's awfully pretty, with jolly nice beaches and spectacular mountains and it's warm etc etc, just like a lot of holiday destinations, I guess. But it goes way beyond that. When I arrive I feel like I've come home; when I leave I cry. Always. Odd behaviour for a part Scots, part Irish Brit without a Mediterranean gene in her body, I know, but there it is.

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Not done this bit of the island before. It's a three-and-a-half hour drive from the airport on twisty mountain roads, which will be a joy at sparrow's fart with two stroppy kids, but I DON'T CARE! We're going to CORSICA!!!

I'll worry about the bank balance another day, because - sheesh! Expensive! But no matter, because in case I didn't mention it before, WE'RE GOING TO CORSICA!!!

Oh, well. Best get back to work.


Is it June yet?

Guitar #1

I can play Kumbaya! OK - so only slowly and with much fumbling between chords, but that's three whole chords I can (almost) play! Hee! So much fun! The fingers hurt like very hurtie things, and the eye looks like an accident in a paint factory, but I can play something that very nearly sounds like an actual song! I LOVES my pretty new guitar.

Must go find a camp-fire and a few boy scouts to subject to it.

Altogether now "Kumbaya my Lord... pause while changing to D... Kumba... pauses for change back to A... fumbles a bit and finally gets it...ya..."

Ficlet: Bye Baby Bunting

A short stand-alone that's kind of a companion piece for yesterday's little tale that kept me distracted when I should really, really be working. Oh, dear.

Title: Bye baby Bunting
Set: Pre-BtVS, New York
Characters: Drusilla
Rating: G

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And now I must go and be poked and prodded and scanned in palces I'd really rather not be poked and prodded and scanned. Bleh. Wish me luck.

A Ficlet

Long time no - well, anything, really. It has been an awfully long time, hasn't it? Life, dear reader, can be a bitch.

I've been in the mood to write lately, needed some kind of escape, but the muse is in hiding, so this isn't really what I wanted to write. Nevertheless, it's something rather than nothing... and Spike does put in a brief appearance.

Title: Ah - title. I need to work on that. Said it had been a long time.
Set: Pre-BTVS; New York
Character: Nikki Wood
Rating: PG - maybe weak R?

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Birthday greetings!

Wishing a Happy Birthday to a very, very special person, one of the sweetest, most intelligent, most interesting, most supportive, most genuine, most kind and definitely most talented people it's been my pleasure to get to know in LJland. Have a wonderful day,


May your birthday be full of all the good things you deserve and may the year ahead be stuffed with love, health, happiness and success.

Enjoy, sweetie!

GJP (Gratuitous Just-about-everything Post)

So, it's been a while, huh? Truth to tell, I can't blame work because there hasn't been any for the past couple of weeks. What there has been however is much dashing around like a decapitated bantam trying to do everything I never have time to do when I am working. There was a lot of it. That's all changed because work is back on the horizon and meanwhile the Easter Horrordays are in full swing. Yay. I was just contemplating slipping quietly away, in all honesty, given that my paid account ran out and the lack of bunniness and lack of anything even remotely interesting to say but then... BUT THEN...

Just LOOK at what the wonderful and ridiculously talented kazzy_cee made me! Look! New Spike-banner-type gorgeousness AND matching layout.

*happy sigh*

Isn't it fab? I'm a lucky, lucky bunny :)

And then there were these:

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And congratulations to everyone else who nabbed pretties - I saw lots of you in the lists, so YAY!!!!

Right - feeling a bit less like fading away (other than the fact it's almost 1 am and I really should go to bed) :) The paid account has been renewed and I will catch up, and although it may be not be as often or soon as I want, I do miss everyone in LJ land.

Take care all.
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FICLET: Blue Ice

This is 2,500 words of indulgence which wanted to be written, despite the fact it’s an OC, and, although Spike is pivotal, he’s not in it that much. No idea from whence or why it came, but I was in the mood to play along with the muse. I’m not anymore, so here you go.

Title: Blue Ice
Set: Petrograd (St. Petersburg) January 1917
Characters: OC, Spike
Rating: R
Summary: The Chronicles tell us that Spike, a.k.a. William the Bloody, was responsible for the death of two slayers. The Chronicles don’t know everything.

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Hmmm. Ah, well.

Right. My illicit day off is done, and it’s time to collect the kids and do the ferrying around to clubs/ cooking/ sorting out homework thing. It was fun while it lasted!

A working mother's lot

It's World Book Day tomorrow. Now, it's a very worthy thing and I'm all in favour of encouraging kids to read more, and the book token is nice, but... BUT...

Why do the kids have to go to school dressed as a book character?! The angst at the school gate as parents try (at three day's notice) to come up with costumes. Me, for example. My two have finally decided who they want to be, so I now have to go in search of a Hermione cloak (which they don't seem to be making at the moment) plus Gryffindor accessories, stuff to make my 10-year-old look like Alex Rider (erm... such as?) or failing all that two red T-shirts and a can of blue hair spray so they can be Thing 1 and Thing 2. Without it all costing more than a tenner. And it's peeing down with rain.

This is on top of me digging chunks of soil out of the garden this morning for Child #2's science project, searching out images of Surrealist art for same child's art project, and running around finding trainers that Child #1 needs that are the same as his friends' so he won't feel, to quote, 'like a dork' and that still fit the school's specifications.

And I'm going to do my paying work, when exactly?


Best go to it, then. Oh, look. It's stopped raining. That's alright, then...

What a difference a day makes...

Do Not Go Gentle has been nominated at the 1st round of the 'Wanton Folly' awards for Best Spike and Best Past/Future Fic!

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Thank you, mystery nominator - you have made my week :)

Oh, and just to say - how lucky is the fandom to have people like eurydice72.

*is in awe*

And - the muse brought me a bunny! STUPID MUSE! I don't have time for a bunny at the moment and this one has me by the throat and is being horribly distracting and will not SHUT. UP. It's also not at all what I want to write (and quite probably not at all what anyone will want to read), but despite that the obsessional part of me seems to have hooked into it. I do wonder. I come from a family with a history of addictions (not of the illegal kind, I hasten to add) - so, is writing fanfic my crack?


Ah, well. Must be strong. Today I will mostly be reviewing papers and putting together PowerPoint overviews. Wish me luck...

Have a happy Wednesday all.