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calove's Journal

4 March
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What to say? I'm an average sort of person, living in an average sort of village, with the average number of children, in leafy Kent, UK. I spend my whole life sat at the computer because not only am I a writer (of the Medical kind) in Real Life, but I also have an addiction. He's blond and annoying but impossible to ignore and he makes me write fanfic, too.

I guess some people have found my LJ via my fic - and that still makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I write because I need to, but I'm very, very happy when other people enjoy it. To get it out the way, despite myself I tend to write Spuffy. I dabble with other pairings for Spike (because I would just LOVE him to move on) but my Spike, the Spike I fell in love with on BtVS, loves Buffy, so that's what I write. Stupid vampire.

So - big with the Spikelove. And a great admirer of James Marsters as an actor - he is one of best around IMHO - and as a person. HOWEVER - I reserve the right to occasionally express my thoughts, which may or may not include critisism of something he might have said/ done/ worn if that's how I feel. I don't follow anyone blindly, and I hate kerfuffles, so if that bothers you, you might not want to hang around. 'Kay?

If you're still here, hello and welcome! I'm very happy to be friended, and I'll friend back anyone who says 'hi' or who leaves a comment in the journal. And if you leave comments on the fic I'll love you forever and feed you virtual chocolate on demand.


I've become a feedback whore...